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The Peak at Canyon Woods Condotel Tagaytay

The Peak at Canyon Woods

Canyonwoods Metro Tagaytay
Price range is from 2.3M-7M
Stusio, 1Br, and 2Br

Canyon Woods Tagaytay Lot Areas

Situated in one of the few remaining prime ridge properties of Metro
300sqm – 778sqm
Php 2,994,000 – Php 7,391,000

Tagaytay Residential Lot For Sale


Tagaytay Residential Lot For Sale! Property #: FS-R-0019 Location: Tagaytay Monte Vista, Tagaytay Specification: Lot (Residential) Lot Area: 300 sqm Price: Php 1,800,000 Particulars: 2 minute drive from the Rotonda towards People’s Park and the Palace in the Sky Inquire Now

Canyon Woods Resort Tagaytay

Canyon Woods Tagaytay

Crisp, clean air, placid and undeniably relaxing atmosphere, and quiet and calming pace of living. These are but a few words that best describe what it’s like to live in the environs of Tagaytay. Known both locally and internationally as a somewhat of a getaway place without being too far from Metro Manila, Tagaytay is implicitly ideal for those who want a locale that simply inspires rest and relaxation, without having to trudge all the way out to the provinces and boondocks just to achieve it.