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Read the latest news and events related to Philippine real estate here. Want to know where our roadshow will be next? Then read our news and events section and be informed.

Middle East Here We Come Again!

By  September 2009, LuxuReal’s International team will again be embarking on another Philippine real estate roadshow and network building sorties in various Middle Eastern countries.  In the pipeline are countries like Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. Aside from the rich culture and delicious mediteranean food, these oil rich countries are second home to our “kabayans” who are either living or working there. Read more

Singapore and Middle East Roadshow

Last quarter of last year, LuxuReal’s International team went on a real estate roadshow and network building rampage in Singapore (twice) and in the Middle East via Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. It was a very fruitful trip as our “Kabayans” (OFW’s) were given the chance to check out our projects then, that is, Canyon Woods, Canyon Cove and Ridgewood towers. We noticed that OFW’s  on a given country have their preferred projects probably because of culture and climate. Read more

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